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Lighting the Candle

Many families that come to our Emergency Shelter lack the financial and daily living resources to maintain stable housing on their own. Often a contributing factor to their experiencing chronic homelessness is a member of their family struggles with some kind of mental or physical disability. The Lighting the Candle Program is a supported housing program funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development that assists these families once they are ready to move beyond the Emergency Shelter. Our program supplies short-term rental subsidies and supportive services to qualified homeless families. Community Shelter Services assists participants with services such as housing search, case management, budgeting, and job training, as well as goal planning and guidance toward self-sufficiency for up to two years. We assist clients with appropriate home furnishings to enable them to move forward on the road to independent living.

For inquiries for our Lighting the Candle Program, contact our LTC Program Director:

Maribel Maldonado, Lighting the Candle Program Director
mmaldonado@CommunityShelter.org • Ext. 119 or 814-314-8029

Father and Daughter