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Emergency Shelter

Our Emergency Shelter Program is unique to Erie County. We have been serving families with children and single adults since 1973. We are staffed throughout the year 24 hours per day / 7 days per week and provide beds for up to 65 residents. Our standard operations allow individuals and families to stay in shelter throughout the day, 365 days a year.

Clients are free to come and go, allowing for individuals to work at their jobs, for children to attend their usual school, for people to socialize and partake in the support services that are offered, such as caseworker engagement, free community meals, and medical appointments. CSS is unique in that we can accommodate fathers with children as well.

We connect clients with referral services to local agencies to aid them in securing permanent housing — addressing their financial, employment, medical, and emotional needs. They receive all daily amenities: meals, a bed, shower, laundry, clothing, and safe study and play areas for children. In addition to providing the basic necessities, Community Shelter Services contracts with qualified professionals who provide the group counseling, education, and training needed to promote self-sufficiency. Our Shelter staff can refer disabled clients for entitlement benefits and assist those who are physically and emotionally capable to seek employment.

Need EMERGENCY SHELTER? Call: 814-SHELTER (814-743-5837)

Emergency Shelter