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For emergency housing or shelter,
please call coordinated entry at 814-SHELTER (814-743-5837).

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Diane Lazette, Executive Director Ext. 121 or 814-314-8022

Richard Turri, Associate Director, Finance Officer Ext. 115 or 814-314-8040

Mary Zukowski, Finance Assistant Ext 113 or 814-314-8033

Tabatha Deacon, HR/Compliance Officer Ext. 117 or 814-314-8036

Maribel Maldonado, Lighting the Candle Program Director Ext. 119 or 814-314-8029

Chante Williams, Emergency Shelter Manager Ext. 100 or 814-453-5937

Fontaine Glenn, Development Director Ext. 112 or 814-314-8029

Ron Turri, SRO Caseworker Lodge on Sass 814-452-3600

Viktor Gidenko, Maintenance Supervisor 814-314-8039 Ext.123

Vladimir Gidenko, Maintenance Assistant/Assistant Property Manager 814-314-8039 Ext.123 or 814-314-8039