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Community Shelter Services rebuilds lives by providing refuge and pathways to stability for adults experiencing homelessness and poverty.

Community Shelter Services is a welcoming and inclusive community. Every day of the year, we enable individuals to meet their basic needs for food, clothing and shelter. We transform lives using a holistic approach to understanding and addressing behavioral health, housing and employment needs. We commit ourselves to helping those we serve achieve renewed lives of dignity and self-determination.

With your help, during the past 12 months
Community Shelter Services was able to provide:


Safe nights of sleep provided


Meals given


Families housed


Children sheltered

For Community Shelter Services, keeping clients safe, warm, housed, and fed each night while mitigating the spread of COVID has been especially challenging. CSS remained steadfast in our commitment to keeping those in our care and the community at large healthy.

Efforts to provide additional safe and clean space for those sheltering from cold temperatures and harsh winter weather are of top concern. To accomplish this, our staff has a plan in action:

  • Donations of warm winter clothing were coordinated as early as August.
  • Our Emergency Shelter will continue to provide 4 meals a day and keep water, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate on hand at all times for those coming in from the cold. 
  • When our typical capacity is reached this winter, overflow cots will be set up to prepare for additional intake. 
  • We continue to observe heightened cleanliness procedures to discourage the spread of infectious diseases

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