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Community Shelter Services rebuilds lives by providing refuge and pathways to stability for adults experiencing homelessness and poverty.

Community Shelter Services is a welcoming and inclusive community. Every day of the year, we enable individuals to meet their basic needs for food, clothing and shelter. We transform lives using a holistic approach to understanding and addressing behavioral health, housing and employment needs. We commit ourselves to helping those we serve achieve renewed lives of dignity and self-determination.

With your help, during the past 12 months
Community Shelter Services was able to provide:


Safe nights of sleep provided


Meals given


Families housed


Children sheltered

2020 was a difficult year for all of us. For Community Shelter Services, keeping clients safe, warm, housed, and fed each night while mitigating the spread of COVID has been especially challenging. CSS remained steadfast in our commitment to keeping those in our care and the community at large healthy. To do this, we needed to keep people sheltering-in-place longer.

The pandemic compelled us to expand the length of stay much longer than we usually would. We also found a meaningful increase in women clients – a 12% rise from 2019. The isolation and frustrations of the pandemic brought about an unfortunate rise in domestic violence as well. Community Shelter Services’ ability to keep this vulnerable population safe is reflective of all the support we receive from you and others in our community.

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